Energy work with Sydney has been nothing short of profound. Her ability to channel and interweave divine intuition and primal instinct is unique to working with Sydney. Her sessions are infused with a deep sense of feminine reverence; from setting sacred space and guiding with a gentle and nurturing quality, to holding a woman’s experience as holy, Sydney is a vessel for the communion of body, mind, spirit, and soul.
— Sarah Silvas-Bernstein


Reiki means “universal life-energy”. It is a powerful resource for inviting happiness into ones life. Sydney is a Master Reiki practitioner; she uses a hands-on healing practice, integrated with subtle movement, breathing techniques, meditation and journeywork. This practice invites those she works with to explore deep healing within themselves.


 Reiki supports healing in all aspects of ones whole wellness; Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. Session work is structured around the clients needs; there are no limitations. It can be directed to reduce stress and anxiety or to access deeply rooted as emotional trauma and depression. With a desire to heal, Reiki will meet you where you are.