Femme Mentorship


So Much more than a Coaching session…

This offering is based on the idea that when two women come together to share their truths, they create sacred space. Through these sessions, Sydney will help meet your specific needs for growth by developing a program that integrates all the tools in her tool box—Yoni Crystals, Reiki, Qoya, Somatic Bodywork, and more. 

She is deeply passionate about education as a tool of empowerment and during these sessions we will start to explore your embodiment through different lenses. What works best for you? How would you like to explore your body and your relationship to it? 

This is not your average coaching session, but a collaborative experience.  Together we will start to understand your needs and your personal path into expansion and growth.  Your body, and especially your pelvic bowl, is the key to your empowerment and I want to support you in reclaiming that power.